Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stepper Blank Cards

Hello you!
Well in this view I don't have download; but some examples in using stepper cards. They are fun to use and quick when you wan t to do something special with the wow factor but don't have the time!
Also I challenge myself to use brick and bracks I have around my stash!
Here is using it normally, I leave the tag blank to use it later depending the occasion.  I really like steam-punk themes, so I combined travel with steam-punk; some flowers for soften it a bit; now it is unisex!
Here is a normal stepper card of a pack of recycled.
In this one I united 2 stepper cards, I draw a butterfly in a blank paper then pass it and cut the end of the stepper card do give it this form.

2 stepper cards together.
Here is the centre I make this more feminine, hand made some flower and use materials I have around that haven't use.

This are the flowers handmade and then embossed it with ultra tick embossing powders for a crystal look 

Another one very steam-punk theme!
In this one I also use the bottom card leftover from the butterfly one to make the centre.  For the technique I use with the centre it require a good paper quality, I used acetate also to change a little more the look to make it different than the butterfly one.

In this side I make a collage of clocks, clogs die cuts.

As you can notice they don't have sentiment; I leave it in case I use it for me or sell.  Also I am designing a special tag that I will be bringing it here so you can use it too!

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